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Welcome to Parson Standards

We fell in love with poodles about 15 years ago when we got our miniature poodle, Cody. Cody was the most fun, sweetest, most “goodest” boy ever. When he passed away, there was no doubt that we’d stick with a poodle as the next member of our family. After extensive research, we chose Jaxon, a Standard. Larger than Cody but with the same temperament, he was (and is) the perfect fit.

Our love for the breed has fostered the creation of Parson Standards. We believe in responsible pet breeding to maintain great health and a desirable temperament. 

Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals. Part of our breeding standard is to aptitude test our puppies to assist buyers in determining the best puppy for their needs. We also start ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction) training at 3 days old. To help the puppies with their transition to their new homes, we also start litter pan training at 4 weeks of age.

Good-natured, lovable, clever, and easily trained, poodles are the perfect dog breed for a wide variety of lifestyles. 

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Kyle Parson

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