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Jaxon Luka aka Jax, as we affectionately call him, is a 4-year-old café au lait Standard Poodle. We’ve had Jax since he was 8 weeks old. He is quite the big boy now, he stands at 27 inches at the wither and weighs 76 pounds. As big as he is, he still considers himself a lap dog and will jump at the chance to sprawl out on top of us. He’s super sweet, aims to please, and is highly intelligent. He has sired two litters of adorable puppies so far.

See our stud services page for pictures of these adorable puppies!

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Zoey Capri, Zo Bear or ZoZo, is our 3-year-old silver Standard Poodle. She stands at 25 inches at the wither and weighs 52 pounds. Affectionate, calm, and responsive, Zoey has the characteristics of an emotional support animal. She makes sure to check in with every member of our family throughout the day, including our two cats. She loves cuddles, belly rubs, treats, and, most importantly, playing ball. Zoey is in the early stages of her first pregnancy. Puppies expected in May 2023!

Check out our available puppy page for more information.

Our Dogs: About Us
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